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Self-Paced Learning

Rocky Peak Virtual offers a Self-Paced learning choice for Utah’s elementary-aged students. We partner with previous homeschool families to create a personalized learning program that includes access to a high-quality teacher-created curriculum and optional in-person learning activities.

With daily lessons delivered through Canvas in the subjects of math, reading, writing, and science, Rocky Peak Virtual provides the materials and resources needed for academic success. Each lesson is intentionally designed for students to complete at their own pace with parent guidance and support. In addition, by choosing the virtual Self-Paced learning option, families collaborate with the Learning Coordinator, a certified teacher, to create a flexible learning path that fits their students’ needs. Weekly evidence of participation through Canvas is required to maintain enrollment as part of Jordan School District.

Enrolled Rocky Peak Virtual Self-Paced students are eligible to participate in the Peak Time - a program that offers a choice of multiple learning activities and events during the school year. Activities include robotics, PE, art, enrichment classes, field trips, Makerspace, mini-classes, and any Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary events. Scan the QR code below to check our website and enroll today.

Rocky Peak Virtual partners with Homeschool Hub Utah-www.homeschoolhubutah.orgHomeschool Hub Utah