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Peak Time Overview

4 Unique Opportunities

In addition to virtual instruction, students are invited to join the optional Peak Time program. Peak Time for 2023-2024 offers four learning opportunities. 

First, PEAK Time Sessions offer 2-days a week in-person hands-on, project-based learning in S.T.E.M., PE, Arts, etc. Each session gives students the opportunity to participate in 2 classes for 1 hour each. 

Second, our Makerspace offers students to come and freely create with an array of supplies.

Third, we offer specialized mini classes where students can come and complete a project in one class.

Lastly,  we are excited to offer field trips and possible in-person presentations.  

Peak Time is an optional program with limited enrollment. Enrollment will be first come, first serve and will be emailed to enrolled students two weeks before each session. Students may choose to opt-in or opt-out of Peak Time through the year with a commitment of attendance for selected sessions.