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Students work on their virtual assignments

Important Note: This Registration Form is for you to declare your intention to attend Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary School for the 2021-2022 school year. Please feel free to look through the website to make an informed decision. Upon completion of the form an administrative assistant will contact you on next steps or if more information is needed.

Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary School will be opening its virtual doors August 2021. The Jordan School District is committed to provide choices in learning for all students, for this upcoming school year and permanently moving forward.

Pre-registration at Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary School for the 2021-2022 will continue through Summer 2021. However, because you will be unenrolling your students from their current boundary elementary school and enrolling them in the Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary School, it is important to complete your registration form as soon as possible. 

If there are families in your neighborhood who currently attend charter, home, or private schools but desire to attend Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary next year, please feel free to share this information with them.

Rocky Peak Virtual Elementary offers two distinct student learning choices:

  1. Synchronous Choice - Students will follow a school created schedule for daily live instruction with their teacher and classmates. Curriculum instruction will be provided over video conferencing software with assignments in a learning management system designed and directed by their teacher.
  2. Asynchronous Choice - Students complete curriculum course work independently at their own personalized pace of learning. Students will work with their assigned teacher to determine a personalized learning path and expectations for their learning. Curriculum will be provided in a learning management system designed and directed by the teacher.

Additional questions about which choice is best for your student, please contact school at 801-567-8480

In addition to virtual instruction, students are invited to join the optional Peak Time program starting Fall 2021. Peak Time+ offers 2-days a week in-person hands-on, project-based learning in Science, Stem, PE, or the Arts. Course offerings are found on the Curriculum section of the website. Intentions to participate in the Peak Time program is available on the registration form.